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Elliott Wave

Elliot Wave

Welcome to A Comprehensive Course on the Wave Principle

Market prices move in recognizable patterns. Recent scientific research has validated several aspects of R.N. Elliott’s observations about markets. Of course, these findings only confirmed what countless traders and investors knew all along.

R.N. discovered the Wave Principle nearly 70 years ago. Over the decades, his discovery was kept alive by a handful of individuals. A few of those, such as Bolton, Prechter and Frost, educated investors on how to use pattern analysis in financial markets.

This is your opportunity to learn what they know and use what they’ve used.

What You Will Learn

Successful market timing depends upon learning the patterns of crowd behavior. By anticipating the crowd, you can avoid becoming a part of it.

Our Elliott wave tutorial describes these patterns and explains how they relate to one another. Over the years, we have taught thousands of people how to use this method to analyze the markets they follow.

To save you time, our tutorial distills decades of experience in making Elliott waves discernable. We’ve included everything you need to learn it and use it.

The course is comprehensive, with the same content you’d receive in a formal training class. The big difference is that you can set your own pace and review the material as many times as you like.

Some people tell us that the value of this information to their investment strategy is immeasurable and ask us not to let the secret out. To be frank, there are others who think it’s nonsense. Well, that’s why we offer it to you free. You can make up your own mind. We aren’t the least bit worried about “everyone” using Elliott because people are people, and only one in a hundred has the mental toughness to believe his own work.

Ready to get started? Simply navigate to lesson one and begin.